Business is robust in the Philippines, even for air travel carriers. A sterling example is Cebu Pacific’s plans for expansion to regional areas starting with increasing its present order of 10 Airbus A320 with 10 more down the line.


Last 2008, the budget carrier flew close to seven million passengers. Cebu expects to carry nine million this year. Onwards, the numbers should grow as more aircraft are deployed to serve more destinations.

I think this is promising for Cebu in transforming itself into a major central hub for flight access to other regions in the country. As travel accomodations become more fast, frequent and convenient as well as cost-effective, more and more people can travel to these regional destinations not only for personal leisure but for business purposes as well.

Regional locations such as Iloilo, Davao and Leyte are following Cebu’s lead and fast becoming business process outsourcing (BPO) hotspots.

These regional locations are being eyed recently by investors to be new and emerging destinations to receive up a substantial portions of new outsourcing work in contact services, software development, medical and other data transcription, animation and digital content, and engineering design.

Cebu Pacific flies to these destinations and with more aircraft, access to more regional destinations in the Philippines becomes available. The business potential of lower-cost cities with their growing pool of educated, skilled and service-oriented talent can be easily tapped.

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