I have stumbled on an interesting interview of His Holiness The Dalai Lama of Tibet by a Businessweek correspondent, tackling on the Buddhist views regarding the earthly matters of business, recession, success and failures.


Here are some excerpts from that interview, rearranged in a way to reveal the Dalai Lama’s path to true prosperity.

Where the Path to Prosperity begins

Of course, money is important. Without money you can’t survive. However, it is not the only measure of value.

We have other values: The happy family, compassionate family, the family full of affection, and the compassionate community. Those people have much less disturbances due to this money crisis. Therefore, this global economic crisis reminds us you should find some other values. Money value alone is not very certain. It’s a limitation.

The Pitfall of the Path

On what causes failure in business:

…this global economic crisis was caused by too much greed, speculation, and hypocrisy–not being transparent. So be transparent and honest right from the beginning.

From the Pitfall, how to keep Going

Instead of more frustration and anger, now think about other alternatives. Nine times failure, nine times effort, without discouraging oneself.

I completely agree with the simple words of sound sense of the Dalai Lama  but the article caps it well with the reasoning of Robert Thurman, spiritual adviser and Columbia professor of Buddhism, why business people should heed such wisdom.

Here is my own interpretation: History has proven that Ethics are ever-lasting; a business can attract and retains customers when they know they can trust you.

Earning the trust, keeping to the trust selflessly is the Path of Prosperity.

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Hamm, Steve. “GlobeSpotting – The Dalai Lama on the Global Economic Meltdown.” 5 May 2009. Business Week. Accessed 7 May 2009. Link here


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