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IBM stimulates recovery

Global business leader IBM invests USD 3 billion in ‘smart’ infrastructure projects most likely to receive government support in Asia and Europe in a bid to stimulate and best-position the company’s interest for the soon-coming economic recovery.

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Seeds for Success from Satyam Scandal?

Learn how to keep an eye out for vital clues that could lead to company fraud, such as unusually large bank deposits, where these are kept and who has the access, in order apply the proper counter measures against this crime.

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Philippines Powering Down?

Lack of improvement in the country’s science and technology infrastructure has reduced the island republic’s competitiveness ranking to the lowest among 57 countries.

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Philippines BPO still Strong

However an industry survey conducted by the Business Process Association of the Philippines (BPAP) showed that 83 percent of the country’s business process outsourcing (BPO) sector has notably been able to weather the impact of the global financial crisis with more service providers stating that that expansion efforts shall continue, which could result in increased demand for workers.

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And more good news about the Philippine Economy…

Debt watcher Standard & Poor‘s (S&P) maintained its “stable” outlook for the Philippine insurance industry despite downgrading its  outlook for most insurance markets in the Asia-Pacific region as “negative.”

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Cebu’s Medical Tourism Boom

The Cebu Health and Wellness Council (CHWC) remains positive about Cebu’s potential in medical tourism as  an increasing number of medical travelers to the island province, foreigners and balikbayans, are attracted to the “value-for-money” packages available in Cebu.

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