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Speed Outsourcing

Outsourcing clients are fast-tracking and shortening the requests-for-proposal process by narrowing down the list of potential partners through the up-to-date information provided by consultants on the outsourcing market.

However there are risks to this accelerated approach which could lead to drawbacks to the outsourcing initiative of an organization. Learn more about how to speed through outsourcing without the speed bumps here

Quintessential Questions to Outsourcing

There is a quintuplet set of questions one has to answer when considering to outsource:

  1. Who should outsource to Who?
  2. What should be outsourced?
  3. Where to outsource?
  4. When to outsource, now or later?
  5. Why outsource?

To understand these questions and learn the unique answers that best-match your business needs, read on here

Outsourcing prepares for Upturn

Global business research firm Ovum implores business process outsourcing (BPO) firms to prepare their human resources to handle new market geographies and industries for the coming economic recovery.

Learn more about this here

Cebu charmed for Contact

Cebu keeps its charm as the preferred location for hosting contact voice services despite allegations of being saturated, as noted by Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) president Benedict C. Hernandez who also stated that the Philippines still has ample room for growth and improvements.

Read more about this here


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