Growth is still expected in the off-shore outsourcing global sectors, particularly in the business process and information technology outsourcing of services.

However, with growth there comes more risk for failures in outsourcing contracts and relations.

Gartner reports that an approximate 60 percent of corporate organizations in Western Europe will outsource more business and IT functions this 2009 with the focus to reduce cost.

This high usage of global delivery of services reflects the current economic and technological conditions. A market full of opportunities as well as challenges for producers, providers and end-consumers.

Despite the full-flow of outsourcing, some inexperienced organizations engage in outsourcing relationships with only cost cutting as the target value.

This misinterpretation of outsourcing’s value lead to failed contracts due to unsatisfaction on both parties. This should be avoided so as not to diminish outsourcing’s credibility and viability as a strategy for business survival and  success.

Gartner analyzed that 30 percent of failed outsourcing contracts are caused by inflexibility, brought upon by an intense focus on cost reduction and nothing else.

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Tinham, Brian. “Outsourcing deals rising, but risks increase as focus narrows to cost cutting”. 8 May 2009. MC Solutions. Accessed 9 May 2009. Link here


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