If given a choice, no one would request for challenges and would normally avoid adversity.

However as fire can purify, force can mold and shape so does adversity improve growth and open new opportunities for individuals and organizations.In overcoming adversity, there is MORE to gain.


Past experiences can educate, particularly the hard experiences such as delays and defeats. If we dig deeper into the causes of such failures and find the possible resolutions that should have been used, this adds to our trove of knowledge that can be advantageous for the future. Remember, though time moves only forward, history can repeat itself.


Many champions of industry have tasted defeat in one form or the other and yet they did not allow their life-stories to end there.

Like Edison who tested many materials before coming on the right carbon-bamboo filament for the practical lightbulb, failures are just Life’s way of teaching what does not work and what does. Opportunities always wait for those who keep on.


Adversity can become an advantage for those who allowed past failures as learning experience, earning for themselves a mature outlook which enable them to discover opportunities.

Thus, despite the hardships that may come, they can encourage themselves to persist, to pursue, to perserve for no hardship is everlasting and those who able to endure get to enjoy the fruits of such labors.


For such resilience to withstand hardships, comes respect from your peers, from others. Once proven, always prized. Individuals and organizations who do not buckle under the pressure show substance, true worth that everyone values.

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