Reports declare no big, positive changes to the strategy of sourcing to China as investors and companies are cautious in engaging in outsourcing endeavors in the present economic climate.

Audits are also becoming more strict in light of China’s manufacture scandals, such as the presence of hazardous chemicals in consumer products.

A majority of purchasing directors believe that today’s economic crisis creates the need for better quality and better value. To ensure these, higher requirements must be imposed during suppliers’ selection.

Granted that this occurs everywhere, however in China’s case, suppliers are still in development to meet such requirements. Other than price and product/service quality, China’s suppliers should be able to prove themselves to be viable and stable partners in an economic crisis.

Can Chinese sourcers improve on their business processes in order to reach the high standards that world business need of them or will many buckle under the pressure of the highly competitive sourcing market?

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“Sourcing in China harsher during economic downturns.” 15 May 2009. China Daily. Accessed 21 May 2009. Link Here


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