The votes are in and Outsourcing wins by a 2-to-1 landslide!

A survey shows that only one-third of CEOs worldwide believe outsourcing offers less economic value than five years ago.

Independent market research and consulting firm Opinion Research Corp conducted the survey, interviewing 284 CEOs from 23 industries and in 24 countries through the internet, phone and mail from March 5 to April 13, 2009.

Of those 284 global CEOs; 195 responses were from the United States; 48 from Europe and the United Kingdomo; 12 from Latin America; nine from the Asia-Pacific; and 18 from Canada and Bermuda, among others.

Here are the survey’s findings, summarized:

45% – the economic value of outsourcing has remained the same as of previous years.

22% – the economic value of outsourcing has become MORE than that of previous years.

33% – the economic value of outsourcing has become LESS than that of previous years.

The survey also notes that a majority of the 22% are CEOs of companies not based in the United States while many CEOs that comprise the 33% not in favor for outsourcing are heads of American firms.

The survey also looked into the global CEOs’ plans regarding emerging markets.

46% of the respondents declare plans into establishment or expansion in these emerging markets.

22% of the respondents declare they are expanding existing partnerships in these emerging markerts.

We can assume that 32% have no plans or existing measures regarding business in emerging markets.

What can we infer from such findings?

For one, Globality is a major influence in many world business leaders’ minds in achieving their organization goals for profit and prosperity, and Outsourcing is a means to acquiring those goals.

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“Outsourcing offers less economic value: One-third CEOs worldwide.” 21 May 2009. Economic Times of India. Accessed 23 May 2009. Link Here


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