Most current talent recruitment and management programs in many business organizations put an undue emphasis on individual talents and skills.

Managers and human resource departments take pains in identifying the right qualifications among their new recruits, and in developing the personal skills and capabilities. However, though individuals do matter, it usually takes a team effort to achieve success and productivity.

Skills, talents are not static

There is a recommended approach to talent management where the skills and capabilities of human resources is continually updated without the tedious, costly and disruptive Training & Development programs.

A company should recruit on the basis of generic skills and capabilities useful in a wide range of applications then to develop employees’ task-specific skills as part of a continuing learning process on the job.

For this approach to succeed, it is vital that organizations develop a  work environment that provide maximum opportunities for employees to hone in their specific skills on the job and to adapt them to changing requirements, which is in essence similar to deliberate practice that  athletes and creative artists do to achieve expert performance.

Social skills are also relevant

In any business enterprise, particularly In the knowledge process business, economic value is created from the outcome of synergies generated by combining the complementary skills and abilities of the employees.

Many of these skills would consist the abilities to procure, process and present information for strategic decision-making. In collaborative work settings where employees work interdependently, it is important to how effectively an employee melds with the rest of the team. There is no line dividing individual effort to group performance.

Social skills are particularly relevant in activities relating to the adoption of new technologies, the design of innovative products and services, expanding markets, and the development of new business processes– activities that are so requisite in order for business to flourish despite recession woes.

The More, the Merrier

To sustain your business through the tough times, implement organizational arrangements and systems that best maximize positive collaboration and cooperation within the company as well as recruit/develop people not only on their specific skills but also on their potential to work effectively in teams.


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