To succeed in today’s troubling times, business analysts and experts fervently recommend that new clients must be acquired while the loyalty of present clients be satisfied and retained.

To achieve the first condition, your company’s brand of services/products must be positioned in the markets competitively well-above from others.

But first what exactly does “positioning” mean?

Positioning is a strategy to motivate consumers to buy your product or services, favoring your brand over that of your competitors. Product positioning consists of market positioning and competitive position.

Market positioning
– motivating customers to purchase your brand.

Competitive positioning – motivating customers to prefer your brand over that of your competitors.

One of the most primary things to consider when it comes to positioning your brand of product/service is your market segment’s product priority values.

Product values
are what is important to your target customers, what they are looking for in a product, what satisfies them.

Customers may have many product values, so it is important to know how they prioritize these values. Knowing these product priority values can help you best position your product/service as the one that can satisfy and that people would need.

Priorities can change and this have to be contend with as how you position your brand depends also on your consumers.

Consumer perceptions greatly affect your brand positioning. How you define your brand’s values, your competitor and the way you market your product may not necessarily reflect the way your consumers perceive your brand’s values and competitors.

Let’s say your positioning your product brand in the market for a certain use “A”, however many of your customers have found your product to be effective for another use “B”.

So please remember this common positioning error of motivating your brand on a product value that is not a priority with your target market. Another error to take note is positioning your brand against a competitor you defined rather than competitors defined by consumers for your brand.

When you align your brand positioning that best reflects the consumers’ preferences and perceptions, that is when you become successful in marketing your product.


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