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“Positive” Outsourcing

Often, “Outsourcing” conjurs up the negative image of personnel lay-offs due to jobs being moved off-shore however this is not necessarily so especially when outsourcing is carefully planned out, you can use your current personnel with more efficiency.

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Ask the Right Questions

Ask the critical questions regarding off-shore outsourcing to guide your company in determining its potential value for your business:

  1. Is the process core to the organization and can it be outsourced to another organization that will make it their core competence?
  2. Is a new technology or existing technology needed that is highly specialized, and will acquiring it outright be too costly?
  3. To cut costs quickly, can outsourcing meet our needs at a lower price point?
  4. What financial oversight is being applied by regulatory bodies of the home country?
  5. Do they adhere to general accounting practices (GAAP) that when reviewed correlate to practices understood and agreed to in the United States?
  6. Is corporate governance well-defined and adhered to by both companies and the ruling political entities so as to avoid potential fraud and abuses?
  7. What is the current political climate in the operating country? How will acts of terrorism, civil war and cultural, religious or ethnic tension destabilize the ability of the service provider to deliver on their promises?

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Innovation and the United States

The US Patent Office has issued more patents to foreign individuals and corporations in 2008.

Could this be a sign that America is losing its hold on innovations as the rest of the world takes the lead as manufacturing and R&D moves to emerging markets?

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IT Outsourcing in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom’s new budget opens to increased spending on IT outsourcing as public agencies seek means to reduce expenditure.

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4/5, The Philippines places high in Top 5

The Philippines consistently ranks high in the top 5 in four out of five categories such as Availability of Skills, IT/BPO Environment, Quality of Infrastructure and Market Potential in a recent study by the London School of Economics Outsourcing Unit.

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