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On Mobile Carrier Providers

Major business analyst Gartner foresees three major trends that wil affect mobile phone carriers’ positioning in both their domestic and global markets due to the restrictions and risks brought about by the recent economic crisis.

These three major trends are:

  1. Consumers demand More for Less;
  2. Forward Thinking Carriers change their Cultures, and;
  3. Leading Mobile Carriers will avoid the Commoditization of Services.

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A report from Fierce Wireless shares that Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA are pressuring major mobile providers Nextel and Sprint to be innovative to stay afloat in the black.

In Japan

There are companies in Japan that have managed to thrive despite the downturn by studying consumer habits and anticipating market trends.

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Outsourcing Trends

What do the Bengal tiger and mega off-shore outsourcing deals have in common other than India? It’s slowly becoming quite rare as outsourcing deals have become smaller and shorter in term, based on the following reports:

60 percent of global clients are presently outsourcing work to India, a major decrease of 80 to 90 percent in previous years, the proverbial good times, as more and more clients seek other alternatives and other outsourcing destinations like the Philippines.

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The Philippines has become the destination of choice for outsourcing clients worldwide, particularly for small-to-medium enterprises.

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Outsourcing contracts have become smaller in scope and more short-term yet prove to be more profitable. Learn more about this ongoing trend here

Senior Business Development Associate Joanabelle Apostol discourses on the potential benefits of re-engineering one’s business.

This involves the adoption of technology through wise partner selection while allowing key members within the team to do more value-added tasks. Learn more from here


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