When you walk through a storm
Hold your chin up high
And don’t be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm
Is a golden sky
And the sweet, silver song of a lark.

— Judy Garland, You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Depression from the Recession? Everyone is anxious and affected by the gloom of today’s economic times however it is best to start acting, doing what one can to seize opportunity out of adversity.

Business Opportunities

Recession strikes hardest by getting one laid-off, the spirit of enterprise can get revved up. It is a perfect time to become one’s own boss and  start a business. Wages are down, rents are cheaper, competition becomes scarce and services can be found at a discount.

Bargain sales

Prices of new and used equipment and materials have plummeted. Companies are cutting back and selling off surplus office computers and furniture at bargain prices.

Better relationships at work and home

As a result of hard times, people have been cutting down on so many things like eating out. So, in a practical sense, recession tends to foster home mealtimes and based on the findings of a US research firm better relationships and communication wards off eating disorders, substance abuse and suicide.

Make this an opportunity to cement relationships with your staff and business partners. Instead of going out to eat a company dinner, host a barbecue grill party or picnic where everyone goes pot luck. Such casual, shared experiences can forge better connections.

Less Junk Mail

Due to recession, credit card direct mail volume has dropped 19 percent since October 2008, freeing up delivery space for the junk mail people nowadays enjoy receiving – coupons.

New Perspectives

The best thing that can  be drawn out of an economic recession is the time to reflect and reassess the true goals and purposes to improve the quality of our business. We become inclined to go back to basics in times of adversity.

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