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In the United Kingdom

Economy Policy News with Eagle Consulting– a major UK payroll bureau, builds a ‘case’ against off-shore outsourcing, declaring its many economic benefits no longer stand in the face of the worldwide recession.

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In the United States

However, as a rebuttal, MarketWire states that companies should not write off sourcing to low-cost countries as of yet since the downturn could provide more opportunities and benefits than ever before.

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More from the United States

Recent news support this rebuttal.

Sykes Enterprises, a Florida-based firm which specializes in creating and maintaining computer customer care services for corporations, will soon close its a telephone call center in Minot, North Dakota for it cannot find enough qualified employees to hire.

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In Legal Circles

As larger law firms explore legal outsourcing, some smaller firms think they do not have the same scale to launch legal process outsourcing (LPO) deals orĀ  ventures.

However, the options and opportunities are present and available for these smaller firms. The recession could act as a catalyst to bring these small-to-medium law firms into the LPO sector.

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IT services in India

Further business in the LPO sector could prove to be good news for India’s Inc. whose information technology (IT) services sector has been receiving adversity lately.

Financial Services Global firm Morgan Stanley reports that computer services companies in Mumbai and Bangalore, including Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), face declining revenue as their clients get weighed down by budget cuts, mergers and bankruptcy.

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