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Wealth Managers provide their high net worth clients and their families with taxation advice and investment management, customized retail banking services, estate planning, legal resources, all for the goal of sustaining and increasing wealth for the long-term.

Their measures are both discreet and secure, thus wealth managers are hesitant to trust functions to third-party however pressure from today’s company makes them inclined to consider outsourcing.

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In India

The Obama Administration recent passing of a billion-dollar tax stimulus has a controversial stipulation of removing tax breaks for companies which farm out work outside the US or hire foreign labor to temporarily work in the US via H1-B Visas.

Frankly this makes India, the King of Outsourcing, somewhat worried.

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In spite of Obama’s outsourcing policies, US companies hit by recession are still leaning towards off-shoring IT work to India but only few software firms in Mumbai and Bangalore are pursuing these opportunities.

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In the Philippines

Convergys, a multinational company which specializes in relationship management, has had a streak of success last year. In 2008, it’s been voted as Fortune 500’s Most Admired Company for the 8th year running and earned USD 2.8 billion in revenues.

It has 84 customer contact centers worldwide; the most prominent are its 10 centers in the Philippines. Now the company pursues further expansion with one more contact center in the Philippines, foreseeing a demand for call center services despite the present global downturn.

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Following Convergys’ lead, APAC Customer Services Inc.  and TeleTech are also opening contact center sites in Tacloban City, Leyte and in Iloilo.

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