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The World against Satyam

World organization United Nations will terminate its current outsourcing contracts with scandal-scarred Satyam Computers and will bar the India’s third-largest outsourcer from bidding on future UN projects.

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On Outsourcing your Mobile Phone Service Business

Enterprise Mobile Chief Mort Rosenthal shares these tips on how to outsource your company’s mobile device services successfully.

  1. Evaluate your internal resources
  2. Assess Your Goals for Outsourcing
  3. Answer Key Questions, such as How will you procure those devices and How will you make sure that the devices work after they are shipped out?
  4. Find an Mobile Outsourcer with Successful Experience
  5. Identify Outsourcer Expertise
  6. Match Outsourcer Services To Your Needs
  7. Identify Costs in Detail
  8. Focus on Operational Specifics
  9. Clarify User Expectations

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Can your IT Outsourcing Deals surpass the current Crisis?

Five recommendations are shared how IT chiefs can get competitive advantage and mitigate risks from their outsourcing partnerships:

  1. Focus on smaller, specialized providers who offer more customized solutions and better executive access.
  2. Consolidate your service providers to a few manageable partnerships, continue measuring the performance of each contract.
  3. Rapidly rationalize your service providers’ effectivity during merger or acquisition, do not let stale arrangements linger.
  4. Develop transition plans and exit strategies early, in case a vendor fails to perform
  5. Ensure the integrity of your people, both internally and with the service provider, through effective and personalized human resources management.

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Outsourcers’ Innovation Challenge

The primary attraction of off-shore outsourcing is the “good quality but low cost” advantage it offers for enterprises and executives but that was in the past. Now, with tough competition and economic challenges, outsourcers are challenged to offer more, particularly “innovation”.

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