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In the World

Executives and enterprises, who once relied on outside firms to handle their IT processes, are now reviewing outsourcing projects for their costs and impacting the growth and sales of third-party IT providers.

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However, these reviews could also further refine the off-shoring contracts of many enterprises and justify the business need to outsource through alternative IT delivery models. Read more about this here

Business in Asia

According to International Monetary Fund President Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Asian economies could rapidly recover in 2010 once the global economy rises out of recession. He predicts a 5.5 percent economic growth within the next two years if favorable conditions are achieved.

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International Business professor Ravi Ramamurti writes on how the Satyam scam could impact how the business world regard offshore outsourcing and how companies who outsource or plan to can deal with it.

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On India

However despite recession woes and bad press, India is predicted to receive record remittances from Indians who live and work overseas to the tune of USD 40 billion. Learn more about this here

Signs of hope from the black eye on its reputation? Satyam Computer Services announced that it received 15 new outsourcing deals from global clients this January.  Read more on this here

About China

The People’s Republic of China targets a series of tax breaks and business incentives in several key cities to cultivate the rapidly growing potential of its outsourcing industry. Get more information here

According to Robert Kennedy, author of The Services Shift— a new book on offshoring, China has still a long way to go in beating the success of India’s outsourcing industry. It would be more likely a combined effort of China, the Philippines and other outsourcing destinations in Asia to topple the King of Outsourcing and offshoring from its throne.

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Cebu, Philippines

008’s Top Emerging Outsourcing City Cebu, Philippines continues to thrive as new investors rely on the island’s talented human resources to meet the demands and trends of business. Read how Cebu provides a lower-cost but quality offshoring and outsourcing services option here

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