Starting this June of the school year 2009, select public high schools in the Philippines will introduce Spanish as a second language to learn.




The Department of Education’s initiative to encourage the learning of Spanish is a positive effort to cultivate interests in students to pursue the study of foreign languages through college.

Other than employment in the diplomatic center, there are other business opportunities for professional communicators of foreign languages aside English, such as translator jobs, tourism and BPO voice-contact services sector.

The third most spoken language in the world after Chinese and English, Spanish was once the primary language during the time when the Philippines was the colony of Spain. There are still some regions where Spanish is still casually spoken or integrated in the local dialects.

The Department of Education’s Special Program in Foreign Language would initially offer Spanish in one pilot school per region. Each pilot school would have two classes of 35 students per class.

There are also elementary and high schools in major urban centers where the influence of the Chinese-Filipino community has produced Chinese (Fukkien, Mandarin) lessons for young students.

It is hoped that through this more and more young professionals with technical skills and proficiency in communicating through foreign languages can be introduced into this growing set of Philippine labor.

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