A business cannot run by itself but these challenging economic times make it hard to rationalize the hiring of more people, especially when one has to to contend with costs of a suitable working space, equipment, proper employee compensation and benefits.

However there are options to WORK around such contentions to one’s business progress, and one of the best is to hire a virtual assistant to carry out the regular and often tedious office duties such as correspondence, scheduling, finance and accounting.

Here are some guiding principles to help you as you acquire the services of a virtual assistant.

A Team Effort

When in seeking for a virtual assistant, seek out firms or companies who provide virtual assistance services. Granted it could cost more than acquiring the services of one person, this guarantees you consistency and continuity- the work you outsource is handled by a team not an individual.

Advantages of acquiring the services of a virtual assistance firm are:

  1. With a firm, you would not have to contend with sick days or vacation leaves to disrupt work. There will always be someone ready and up-to-speed to keep the pace of your business needs.
  2. A firm has its on-site administrators who can help you train and “co-manage” your virtual assistants to accomplish their assignments to your approved parameters.
  3. A firm should also have the hardware and software to implement project management systems to keep your tasks and the progress of the work on record and on track.

With a team of pros at your beck and call, you have access to a range of services which is like keeping all yours bases covered.

Do the Diligence in Background Checks

When screening for a virtual assistance firm, request for client references you can follow up. You would want a firm that has years of experience, solving and satisfying their clients expectations. Speak or communicate directly with the firm’s representative to who you can formally address your inquiries and concerns.

Assign work first in moderation.

It is suggested that you start working first with a series of minor tasks or a pilot project in order to test your virtual assistance service provider’s personnel and proficiency. Once they proven themselves to your satisfaction, you can slowly dole out more and more responsibility handling the menial but crucial tasks while you keep control of the key administrative processes of your business.

Always keep in mind how you communicate with your virtual assistant/s.

Clear and concise communication leads to better effectiveness in your personnel to perform and accomplish the tasks you assigned.

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