Fifty or so years ago, information technology(IT) was not a concrete concept but an abstract figment of imagination found only in science fiction periodicals. Now, it serves as the backbone of many large institutions, primarily in business.

Without such an infrastructure, it would be non-feasible to start a major business venture much more keep up with the competitors in a world where computers are getting as common as an electrical outlet.

The role of IT and its relevance have changed, significantly during these times of economic challenges. IT departments, now an intricate part of a business enterprise, are now becoming more than just a technological asset but a medium through which businesses can achieve their objectives in a cost-effective manner.

By developing and upgrading their IT departments, small-to-medium enterprises can be in the same league as the big companies. The technology infrastructure has become more efficient, more effective however it may still be expensive.

The solution: outsource IT.

The benefits of IT outsourcing are multi-fold.

  1. It can provide the IT skills your company needs. Including rare, specialized IT expertise.
  2. It can integrate advanced technology into your business systems. Includes maintenance and upgrades.
  3. It can reduce operational costs for the company.

To have these areas covered by professionals can also allow executives and entrepreneurs to focus more in running the company, acquiring new connections and clients and pushing for innovation in their products and services.

However, these benefits can be fully attained if and when:

  1. Your business is determined to outsource IT, firmly believing in its benefits and backed up by due diligence. This also requires commitment from all levels to communicate and cooperate with the selected outsourcing partner.
  2. The selected outsourcing partner has a good track record, stability and values your business as much as you do.

There are many measures that can assure minimal risk and high potential for success. What is important is that these measures are applied with consistency from the ground-work then up and after.

Here are some measures that can serve as building blocks to your effective and efficient IT outsourcing:

I. Get accurate intelligence of your IT organization’s total costs, your IT service levels that need to be attained, and what functional areas of your company’s IT should be best considered for outsourcing. This intel can help you draft a decision-making framework of your sourcing relationship to convince upper management for their support. T

II. Define and document your company’s IT security and intellectual property protection requirements with your IT outsourcing partner.

III. Monitor with diligence the performance of your IT outsourcing partner.  Regularly confirm that agreed-to service levels are being achieved. Insist that the provider prepare plans for improvement when these service levels are not achieved.

By taking a firm, holistic approach as to how IT outsourcing can benefit your business enterprise,  not only as a means to make your IT facilities more efficient and cost effective, but also to integrate IT fully into your business could lead to total synergy for success.

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