Heads up, people– a new bill is about to be introduced that would target job outsourcing and protect American workers in the US state of New Jersey by prohibiting business and investments with companies that outsource work overseas.

Assemblymen of the Democrat Party: Harvey Smith (D-Hudson), Ruben J. Ramos Jr.(D-Hudson) and Nelson Albano (D-Atlantic/Cape May/Cumberland) are introducing measure “(A-3516)” that businesses that eliminate jobs in the United States and send them to foreign countries would be ineligible to perform any state contract or receive any state grant.

The bill would also prevent the US Department Treasury of making investments of state money into  a business until the Department confirms that the company has not outsourced jobs overseas.

This is to discourage the outsourcing of jobs away from American workers to other countries.

Could New Jersey, the very first American state to ratify the US Bill of Rights, be leading the way on America’s new stand against outsourcing?

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“New Bill targets Job Outsourcing to protect American Workers.” 1 December 2008. Politicker New Jersey.  Accessed 1 December 2008. Link here


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