All eyes are on the United States as today this whole great country would decide who gets to be in the chair behind that desk in the Oval Office as the leader of the free world.

Would the one be Republican candidate John McCain or Democrat Barack Obama? Preliminary opinion polls show the Obama leads McCain at the most recent as 10 point margin. For most electorate experts, that’s somehow a narrow margin– the fulcrum of either tipping for a landslide victory for Obama or an upset by McCain.

The world watches with bated breath.

Especially in India where concerns on Obama taking office in the White House hang dark and heavy on the heads of every employee in the subcontinent’s off-shore outsourcing services industry. The Democrat candidate has shown a fierce stance against off-shore outsourcing of jobs from the US to low-cost destinations such as Mumbai and Bangalore.

However, some Indians hope that Obama would win; many have come to expect it logically basing on the popularity polls.

A recent survey in India, consisting about ten thousand respondents, shows that 73 percent are in favor of Obama to win, citing that he would bring change and youthful vigor that would be helpful in improving world peace, international relations, the US economy, environment and human rights.

In the Philippines, 3 out of every 4 Filipinos are neutral to the outcome of the US Presidential elections. This neutrality is most evident in Mindanao and the Visayas.

Others might say that this could be due to ignorance, but Filipinos have other pressing matters on their minds rather than to focus on what is happening on the political realm of another country even though it is a country that is influential with world matters.

Filipinos are known to be fatalistic to a fault but such has taught many to roll with the punches, take the hits and keep on going. No matter who becomes the President of the United States and whatever policies he might implement, the Philippines and its people push on, persevere and progress.

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