According to a National Association of Software and Service Companies (Nasscom) statement made last 2005, the number of women in India’s IT/BPO industry was 24 percent which was basis for the projected ratio of women software professionals in information technology was most likely to be 65:35 (men to women) by the year 2007.

In the year 2008, the projected figure has come quite close at  28 percent while at entry level employment, women accounted for 47 per cent of the total recruitment in 2007 to 2008.

And so far the numbers are still growing.

The ever-constant and ever-growing demand for high quality services to be performed by qualified professionals provides the niche that allows women to fill the demand.  On average, the level of maturity, communication skills and leadership potential in women surpasses men today.

“Women are a key and vital part of our (the industry’s) workforce, and the industry will continue to work towards creating a conducive environment and attract more women employees and leaders.”

– Som Mittal, President, NassCom.

The IT/BPO industry in India remains a source of equal opportunities, attracting women to find new roles and give their unique contributions in the field of technology. The Indian figures even beat the numbers in the US where there is a lack of a cultural drive for women to major in engineering and computer science.

Female enrollment in US technology and computer courses dropped off began around the same time the outsourcing and off-shoring business models started to accelerate however it is believed women will be taking critical technology positions due to the convergence of multiple specialties and skill sets to meet the demands of a volatile global economy.

After all, India has shown that women can dominate the information technology sector. Outsourcing has not only made future progress in terms of software and technology but allowed progress as well for equal opportunities to be available for everyone.

Outsourcing not only goes beyond borders, it goes beyond gender limitations as well.

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