The drive to create and do things for business with efficiency as wellas effectivity with reduced cost has lead to the growth of outsourcing.

Through outsourcing, off-shore access to the world’s brightest mental talents create more opportunities for innovation, including creative ways to improve product, process values in terms of environmental impact.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Intel are looking into innovations in better business and for the planet. Consumer consciousness has evolved with concerns for the environment. Thus the major computer technology hardware giants have invested product package redesign to recycling computers and reducing power consumption, all for the movement to presevation and protection of our mother planet.

In Bohol, Philippines, HP and Intel kicked off with their “Greenergy” event where local programs are cited with global green initiatives.

Computer chip manufacturer Intel plans to reduce the respective energy consumption for every computer processor made by 5 percent. Intel has a test-and-assembly plant in Cavite, Philippines where the manufacturer saves 50 million kilowatt hours and 100,000 cubic meters of water through their green initiative programs. The very same plant in Cavite is now able to recycle 70 percent of its manufacturing wastes.

Intel gears forward with the global goal of carbon footprint reduction of 20 percent. Part of this is education of the youth with climate change awareness with their own employees serving as volunteers in their own communities and schools, teaching and talking about environmental issues and reforms. At present, 30,000 students in around 40 schools in the Philippines are involved.

Not to be outdone by Intel, Hewlett-Packard pushes its green initiative through new packaging designs in its products. Its current inkjet carridges have three times less the amount of material originally used.

The US-based company employs about 3,000 people in the Philippines, majority of whom work in HP’s business process outsourcing (BPO) facilities.

A three-month green energy program implemented in one of its BPO facilities have reduced electricity costs by PhP600,000 (or some USD12,000) by consolidating work areas for workers who operate in night shifts.
When HP’s multi-national BPO customers engage with the local delivery center, they are assured that the company is taking care of the local community and the local environment.

According to Yuleta Ruiz Orillo of Cebu, the recent economic conditions provide the right time for enterprises, enterpreneurs and executives to carefully reconsider their business options and processes.

The global downturn presents a good opportunity for stakeholders to review and take stock of where the local economy is now and how economic progress can proceed in a more balanced way. nvironmental concerns will have to be placed at the same level as economic benefits and costs in development decisions at all levels.

– Yuleta Ruiz Orillo, Academe Committee, Sun.Star Economic Forum, Cebu City, November 14 2008

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