In today’s Web 2.0 world, that saying has never been more true nor more profitable. Social networking is fast growing from a casual trend into a sound business opportunity and strategy.



FaceBook partners itself with iHub Media to market select advertising formats in Asia Pacific, for customers who like to make their own advertisements via FaceBook itself.

Usually, customer-made advertisements in their FaceBook sites come in the form of inline text advertisements and smaller boxes on the side bar, but the new formats include embedded videos and banner advertisements for more visibility and attractiveness.

FaceBook is gung-ho into this partnership venture, building relationships with marketers in Asia, particularly to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan where these new advertising services are directed.

FaceBook appears set to widen its user base in the Asia Pacific, in light of the current economic slowdown in the West; it looks like the social networking site is planting for some growth here in the East.

Though FaceBook is most likely to face some tough competition from Friendster and a challenge facing China’s own Xiaonei.

Though growing in appeal as a marketing tool, social networking itself is an attractive add-on to a product. Several major mobile manufacturers like Samsung and LG are gearing to create new lines of mobile phones with built-in social networking software applications. More on this on a later article.

And social networking is not what one might call a new thing, it is just repackaged several times over and maybe improved in terms of speed and visibility through information and communications technology but its original, simplest, face-to-face, “in-real-life” form is still very effective.

Take for example India’s National Association for Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), in an effort to allay fears for its off-shore outsourcing industries in IT and BPO, is sending a team of high-profile delegates to the United States this March 2009 to interact and communicate concerns with key officials and policy makers in the Obama administration.

Earlier on, NASSCOM has been keeping an open line to the aides of each Presidential candidate, sowing interest and understanding on India’s viewpoint. Hopefully, the seeds would bear sweet fruit for the subcontinent.

India’s investment in the US leadership comes as no surprise since the Western powerhouse is still India’s number one customer, providing 60 percent of all business, IT and BPO-related. Though India has been developing better relationships with other countries, it’s still very reliant on good trade with the US.

Social networking, for the great and the small, for a world without walls.

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