The Black Shama is a small, black-feathered perching bird that is so rare that one can only find it at one place in the whole world—the island of Cebu in the Philippines.

Other than a zoological treasure and an eco-tourist attraction, the Black Shama is also a symbol for the island province of Cebu.

Other than small, the Black Shama and Cebu are survivors and definitely one of a kind in the whole world.

It is not surprising to see the city of Cebu to be on the spotlight. Recently the island city has been recognized as the number one emerging global outsourcing destination, besting even China’s Shanghai and Beijing for the top spot.

Cebu has had a history being prominent. More than a couple of centuries ago, Cebu has been the center of the galleon trade where ocean-faring ships are made, send forth and return for trade relations between the East and the West.

Cebu has also been a well-known tourist destination, being home the best beaches and diving spots in the planet.

Other than tourism and history, it is great for the island to be recognized as part of a new wave of global business and off-shore outsourcing. And perhaps, it would be fair to say that Cebu’s tourism plays a great role in aiding Cebu achieve that distinction.

Due to tourism, a lot of travelers have become attracted to Cebu and are able to see the island and its people’s potential. They saw enough to influence them to stay longer and invest in the local infrastructure.

Tourism is definitely an industry worth protecting, without it I do not think Cebu would be able to achieve the outsourcing success it enjoys today.

Tourism and the outsourcing industry also share the same problems that might affect their future.  It boils down in how they keep their customers very satisfied.

Like any IT or business process outsourcing firm, members of the tourism industry must invest and improve their facilities as well as maintain present assets (such as the beautiful locales and tourist destinations) in order to meet their clients’ expectations.

Similar also is that both industries depend on the abilities of their staff and personnel to provide high quality services that should go beyond what is prospected, no matter the field be it hospitality, communications or technology.

That is the challenge both facing the tourism industry and the outsourcing industry, not only in Cebu but anywhere else in the world, to standardize the human resources factor to levels that would aid business growth.

In Cebu, there are thousands that enroll in tourism as a career course for the opportunities it has to offer but only few ever get into the actual industry. Only a mere 10 to 12 percent are absorbed.

Factors such as mastery of language, proper mindset as well as work ethic have been suggested as possible hurdles.

However since a lot of business industries, not only outsourcing, is planning on off-shore investors, a great effort has been pushed forth by business organizations and chambers to revitalize the tourism industry. Upgrading the curriculum as well as changing the general perspective of hospitality services are among those being pushed through the revitalization.

And even if these doesn’t change much the rates of tourism graduates being absorbed to serve in agencies, hotels and resorts, many would be employed as representatives by contact services firms. This can be considered as a boon to the outsourcing industry anyhow.

Who says one cannot mix business with recreation? No one in Cebu, I am sure.

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