As outsourcing and information technology (IT) has made the world’s human resources merely a mouseclick away, the small-to-medium business entrepreneur can choose from of regions such as Southeast Asia whose are cost-effective, competent and creative when it comes to manufacturing products or providing services.

There is one country in Southeast Asia that’s fast in standing out from the rest in the region as the new “Promised Land” of off-shore outsourcing: the Philippines.

Aside from its national culture that’s familiar to Western sensibilities and English as the third spoken/written language in its population, the Philippines holds unique promise of 3 kinds, “3 Pro’s”,  that can give an enterprise the advantage in expanding its base, reducing cost and raising value.

A FRESH Harvest of Human Talent.

The Philippines has a relatively young population. It’s estimated that the percentage of citizens to age over 65 is 5.5 percent in 2020, compared to South Korea’s 15.7 percent.

The country has lower rates of population age growth compared to its Southeast Asian neighbors such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand whose present ageing and senior citizens proportions in their populations are parallel, and maybe exceeding, to Western countries like the United States, the United Kingdom and France.

Nations with a healthy age diversity leaning to “youth”(ages between 18 -25) in their population do not face the risk of stagnation in labor force growth. A youthful workforce is compliant to training, non-averse to challenges, more inclined to interact and share ideas.

CREATIVITY is their Culture.

Being exposed to the other cultures of many countries through tribal trade with the Chinese, Indian and Arabian merchants; Spanish and American colonization; as well as the Japanese occupation, have influenced Filipinos and instilled them with creative talents in music, dance, arts, crafts and design that is recognized worldwide.

This innate culture of creativity is now being harnessed in designing trends in fashion and furniture, animation, video game development, electronic education and publishing.


The present government administration has recognized the booming outsourcing industry in the Philippines and are now implementing agencies and policies to cultivate this industry, making it more attractive and profitable for foreign companies and enterprises to cast their lot with Philippine business outsourcing providers.

Air talks have been recently concluded with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in an air services agreement to increase in passenger and cargo capacities for flights going to and fro between the two regions.

The increase in the air passenger capacity on the Manila to Hong Kong route was from 13,000 to 15,000 passengers per week; and Cebu to Hong Kong from 2,300 to 2,500 per week.

The Philippine administration has also started the construction of its leg of leg of a USD550-million, 20,000-kilometer Asia-America Gateway (AAG) fiber cable network that links Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii and the US West Coast.

The submarine cable project aims to greatly improve global telecommunications and prevent disruptions due to seismic activities in the region.

Outsourcing, with IT communications, is dividing oceans and laying the path for SMEs to acquire talents and services that would best deliver their business interests and investments into the proverbial” land of milk and honey”.

The path lies towards the Philippines.

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