Outsourcing in Asia Pacific arrived into its second consecutive year of strong growth, showing a doubled increase in demand across all services. The region’s average value of outsourcing contracts has increased by 25 percent, from USD141 million to USD176 million.

The region as a unified information and communication technology (ICT) hub has become a lure to big game hunters in the international business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.

All the big name companies are stampeding in the region, how can you and your enterprise acquire a BPO service partner that can help in getting ahead of the pack and having more than a lion’s share in the success safari?

Your foray into an outsourcing relationship can be secure and safe from the major risks that usually debilitate a company through cautionary planning, advance screening, fieldwork and with these following tips to target your trophy of a BPO service partner:

I. Target the small-to-medium-sized BPO providers that have long-term stability and expertise in the regional industry.

Large BPO service providers cater to a lot of corporate clients; you would want a service provider that can concentrate on your business interests. Large BPO service providers also have high rates of middle-management attrition and employee turnovers which can lead to delays and security risks.

Small-to- medium-sized BPO service providers are generally well-managed and it is advantageous regarding cost. Do not go after just any small BPO firm, particularly those new, “young” firms.

Seek out small-to- medium-sized BPO firms, firms which are selective with their clientele as you would be; firms with reputation and “age” in the industry, region wise. Such providers possess experienced human resources management and recruiting processes which can optimize employee selection from the local labor pool to secure the success of your operations.

A good catch is a medium-sized BPO service provider which has professional indemnity insurance in areas such as Errors and Omissions and CGL at levels comparable to large outsourcing companies catering to global corporations.

II. Target the BPO Service Providers with flexible and scalable services.

Achieve quality first, on a small scale, before scaling up and emphasizing quantity.

Seek out service providers that offer to perform pilot projects to determine market feasibility and the possible variables that can affect the outsourced operations.  Using small-scale pilot projects to develop quality, your risk is significantly limited and simultaneously provides the opportunity to test your company’s and the BPO provider’s compatibility and capability.

The ideal BPO service provider should also be flexible to service any of your company’s business requirements that can vary due to a dynamic consumer environment.

III. Target the BPO providers with industry-specific open software architectures and platforms.

What you’re looking for are BPO service companies that invested in solid IT communications infrastructure with developed core competencies in process engineering and programming of professional management systems that allow you to track your operations, maintain constant communication and monitor employees’ progress.

Also, open software architectures and platforms do not require the purchase and integration of conventional IT components such as business process workflows, imaging and other proprietary enterprise technologies.

This is advantageous for your company seeking greater returns from IT investments due to reduced cost, reduced risk and reduced time to market your product or service.

IV. Target the BPO providers that employ American management and adopt American business culture, standards, practices and ideals.

There are BPO service providers that have qualified American managers on-site to provide integrated training and implement US workplace standards and client-oriented programs.

These managers are usually long-term residents in the region and this earns them the experience and knowledge with dealing with the local work practices and expectations, thus bridging over any cultural gaps that hinder can the progress of your operations.

It is a jungle out there in the Asia-Pacific with young BPOs rearing with their attractive business packages and promises to challenge the pack leaders who are protective of their business territory.

Guided by the 4 target signs of a top-game BPO service provider, you won’t fall prey to the runt of the business outsourcing litter but land your company the prize of the pack.

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