New opportunities present fresh challenges which are exciting but does bear risk. Information guides decisions that mitigate risk, and the right information can be valuable. In making the most of new opportunities, especially in business, taking note of key consumer trends will be vital in gaining the advantage over competitors.

Here are 11 trends to watch out for this 2011.

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More trends in outsourcing to watch out for this 2011, from smaller deals to cloudsourcing!


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When a corporation or a law firm acquires legal support services from an outside law firm or legal support services provider near-shore or offshore, that’s legal outsourcing. This is a fast-growing sector in outsourcing knowledge-based processes.

Independent Advisory firm on Outsourcing, Fronterion shares ten top trends in the changing legal landscape. Knowing such trends will help companies and firms develop strategies to cope and even thrive from them.

The Top Ten Trends in Legal Outsourcing, according to Fronterion are:

  1. Dynamic Legal Landscape.
  2. Dynamic Vendor Landscape.
  3. Alternative means of Legal delivery.
  4. Shift in Focus.
  5. Expanded Workflow.
  6. Proving Opportunity.
  7. Engagement Structures.
  8. Emerging Destinations for Legal Outsourcing, like the Philippines.
  9. Talent Development, Migration.
  10. Industry Transparency.

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During the Asian-Oceanic Computing Industry Organization meeting in Hong Kong, Dr Ganesh Natarajan, CEO of ZenSar Technologies and chairman of India’s National Association of Software and Services Companies (NassCom) shares his predictions about trends in outsourcing for 2009.


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