To engage in any business enterprise is to engage risks which must be dealt with to gain rewards.

Outsourcing, the farming out of work and processes to third-party business process outsourcing (BPO) service providers abroad, bears its own unique set of risks that, with careful research, can be avoided.

Let’s identify the most common outsourcing risks that companies encounter when outsourcing their business processes.

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We’re a very small company that outsources work to computer programmers and artists in remote offices throughout the world.  The major problem with having workers in far-flung locations is that when you’re paying people by the hour, you really need to know that they’re working, not surfing the Internet.

When you’re all in one office in the same country, communication flows much more naturally. You can easily tap someone on the shoulder and ask him a question. But when you’re all over the place, you tend not to want to bother people with minor questions.

Ken Scharen, then CEO of One Remote Systems, a software company in Delray Beach, Florida.

Your company and your business process outsourcing (BPO) partner want to open that door towards mutual success; the key factor is constant and receptive communication.

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