In the book The Black Book of Outsourcing, authors and consultants Brown and Wilson identified what they call the top 10 major sins of outsourcing, that can sideline the success of any enterprise’s outsourcing initiatives.

In order to present a positive bent on these 10 major pitfalls, this piece would re-consider them as bases for the 10 Commandments of Outsourcing.

These are as follows:

1. Obtain commitment from executive management.
2. Develop an outsourcing communications plan.
3. Learn about outsourcing methodologies.
4. Recognize outsourcing business risks.
5. Consult outsourcing professionals
6. Dedicate the best and brightest internal resources.
7. Proceed carefully through each of the outsourcing phases.
8. Recognize the impact of cultural differences.
9. Acknowledge what it will take to ensure vendor productivity.
10. Implement a formal outsourcing governance program.

For today, let’s take a look into the first five commandments.

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Why outsource?

There are reasons behind why companies decide to outsource to prized destinations like Cebu Philippines. There are factors that influence companies to consider outsourcing as a business strategy. Some organizations could be influenced more by some of these factors than others.

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The First Philippines-China Trade and Investment Forum was held in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Cebu, Philippines last April 17, 2013.

The forum is the start of a continued relationship and successful interaction between businesses in China and Cebu, Philippines in know-how, promotions and cooperation.

The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) considers Cebu an important city in the Philippines. Cebu is a city of abundant resources of which Chinese investments can contribute towards mutual prosperity.

The rich opportunities in Cebu include trade opportunities and investments in tourism and the ICT and outsourcing sectors.

Cebu can be also a second home” destination for expats and foreign businessmen who would like to setup a business here and live here at the same time.

Businesses in Cebu can also trade through the CCPIT and access China’s huge market. A trade mission from Cebu to promote the island’s enterprises is being developed with assistance from the CCPIT.

Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. – Your Outsourcing Partner!
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One of the top business process outsourcing (BPO) firms in the United Kingdom by the outsourcing unit of Ayala Corp, (AC).

UK-based LBM Holdings Ltd. has now merged with Stream Global Services Inc., this development will allow better UK market penetration while adding to annual BPO revenues.

LBM enables Stream to compete in the world’s second largest English language market and strengthen its ability to help customers grow their sales through LBM’s revenue generation service offerings.

LBM is a demand-and-lead generation solutions provider composed of 2,500 employees across six locations in the UK. LBM’s clients are in the telecommunications, financial services, utilities, automotive and retail industries.

LBM’s workforce and expertise, combined with Stream’s financial strength, global presence and offerings will establish a broader portfolio of high-value service offerings for our clients.

Stream is a customer relationship management BPO firm with more than 39,000 employees supporting 35 languages across 56 service centers in 23 countries. In the past three years, Stream has also grown its workforce to more than 14,000 while opening three new sites in Pasay, Makati and Cebu.


Outsourcing Solutions, Inc. – Your Outsourcing Partner!
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