IBM announced a USD38M investment in a new Asia Pacific Cloud Computing Data Center in Singapore, which will provide businesses with solutions and services to harness the potential of cloud computing.

The new facility will extend IBM’s globally-integrated cloud delivery network with centers in Germany, Canada and the United States; and 13 global cloud labs, of which seven are based in Asia Pacific – China, India, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore.

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With its ups and downs, Life can be like a roller-coaster. The same can be said for business, the rise and fall can come swiftly at an exciting pace, seemingly beyond control. It can either be an exhilirating, rewarding experience or a risky one, leading to hollow results, of expulsion.

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The economic times may be big trouble for many but for India’s biggest IT exporter and outsourcing company, TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), it is business as usual.

Despite the gloom that is projected ahead, TATA’s CEO Subramanian Ramadorai still has reason to smile.

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The financial storm in Wall Street earlier in the week changed the global business climate and gave pressure on countries, regional economies and their leaders to shelter themselves from the stock market stress.

Let us check on how two major offshore outsourcing destinations, India and the Philippines, stand up to the coming of the storm.

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