According to economist Nicolas Kwan, the head for Standard Chartered Bank research (East), employment demand in the United States is still growing as the country still needs skilled workers from the Philippines.

Through resilience and strong “fighting spirit”. Filipinos have a good competitive advantage which companies are looking for specifically in the struggling economic environment in the United States.

New Zealand also announces the growing demand for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skilled workers. Highly skilled IT professionals from the Philippines is now one of the fastest growing demand in their country.

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This week, know more on the state of economy and IT business sectors of the Philippines.

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According to the Chairman of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) Dato’ San E. Khoo, information and communications technology (ICT) is a key tool to re-energize trade across world borders and raise up the global economy  out of the 2008 global financial recession.

Last year, ICT contributed an estimate of USD19.5 trillion into global markets, making it a definite driver for development. Read more on Dato’San E. Khoo’s thoughts here


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