In the Philippines, the Cebu Business Incubator for IT, a technology business incubator is currently serving six start-up companies since its start of operations last month.

Located at the University of the Philippines (UP) Cebu campus, the Cebu Business Incubator for IT trains six company owners to refine their business plans and concepts.

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These days are troubling times for business, particularly in India.

India Inc.’s credibility and reputation as a premier business service destination reeks and reels due to numerous cases of frauds and scams. Many of their clients draw back because of this.

The global business environment pressures for enterprises to seek low-cost, high quality measures to perform business actions and transactions but when the world’s top BPO and IT outsourcing center suffers from internal conflicts to whom should they turn to?

And here to answer such a call is the Silver Knight, the Philippines.

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