Ten days before Christmas falls upon the year 2008 and the Philippines has no reason to pout as boons are coming to the island archipelago’s IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing (BPO) and off-shoring industry sectors.

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In an earlier Outsourcing Opinions article, Outsourcing: People Matters, it was reported that the employee attrition rate in India’s business processing industry is the highest at 23.5 percent when compared to other industries.

But recent figures show that the high figure appears to have dropped down to 20 percent, and in the coming quarters, industry insiders foresee a chance for the rate to drop lower.

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As more and more companies in the West outsource work to achieve flexibility and lower costs, a lot of people are left in the lurch, downsized, out-of-work. Could there be a silver lining to all of this?

Apparently there is. If Life gives you lemons, then make lemonade to sell, even if it means selling it yourself off-shore.

Outsourcing provides opportunities to everyone. It’s not taking jobs, but making jobs as well.

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