Corporate information is on the target list of cyber criminals.  Just recently, a  hacker group is brazenly ramping its antics through cyber attacks targeting even the US Central Intelligence Agency. This exposes how poorly defended many networks are against Internet marauders.

Cyber criminals capitalize on social engineering techniques to break the weakest link in information security structure, the corporation’s employees. The recent fake Bin Laden execution videos on Facebook is an example of cyber criminals using the social medium as a means of attack. These attacks employ social engineering tactics that trick people into clicking links that directed to malicious websites and software.

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Outsourcing business process outsourcing (BPO) contact centers and firms in the Philippines have built its security infrastructures to protect its customers’ global operations against threats.

Companies can adopt the latest enterprise security solutions, starting with scan software for PCs and file servers. The installation of new enterprise security solutions can result to wider internal coverage against attacks through all possible entries (email servers, the Internet), more convenient management and a significant drop in costs for malicious software (malware) support.

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Outsourcing business processes and the data related to these processes has the inherent risk of the data being compromised, particularly when it is being outsourced to an off-shore outsourcing services provider.

Recently, there is news about how private, medical information of patients in the United Kingdom being sold. Security breaches impact business negatively, negative impact that can ruin business.

However, there are some recommended measures to counteract the negative impact.

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A British TV investigation show “Tonight” of United Kingdom channel ITV reports confidential medical records, sent to India for digital recording, are being traded by data brokers operating on India’s information black market.

The black market brokers offer a sophisticated service, even promising to break information down into disease categories such as cancer, diabetes and heart problems.

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