Outsourcing makes a comeback this 2010, according to a new PricewaterhouseCoopers study.

In the past six month, outsourcing has accelerated due to the driving need to cut costs (still the trigger, still the main focus) in labor through captive facilities or third-party service providers in cost-friendly near-shore/off-shore destinations such as India and the Philippines.

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With today’s present economical woes, everyone and every organization must do what they can to get by.

Commodities and values are a mess, the financial and business environment is fraught with factors favorable for failure.

What can anyone do?

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Brutal cost-cutting have taken a bite out of the Big Apple and knocked some numbers of Big Ben as banks and financial firms in New York and London are now farming out data-intensive tasks to lower-cost regions, primarily to the biggest region of them all: India.

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Today’s global fuel crisis is affecting how business is done in a bad way.

As fuel costs rise, so does the cost of living for any individual residing and working in a major metropolitan area– enterprises have to attend to their employees’ pleas for salary increase, as well as attend to costs in materials, transportation, facilities and power costs.

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