Former Director General of the Intellectural Property Office of the Philippines Attorney Adrian Cristobal Jr., shares his opinion on the developing presence of a ‘creative economy’ in the Philippines.

In today’s knowledge-driven world, creativity and economics combine together to form value and wealth for many organizations and individuals. When previously the discovery and mining of natural resources were the main drivers for growth and development of an economy, now wll it takes is one great creative idea, executed well and profit-prosperity seems to gush forth.

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As the year 2009 draws to a close, the chair of the President’s Governance Advisory Council of the Philippines, Dr. Jesus Estanislao invites business executives and enterpreneurs to have an open, global outlook for the start of the new decade in the millenium.

With a global outlook, one can take full advantage as well as be aware of challenges that globalization has for, not only for the members of the business community but, all of humanity.

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Cielito Habito writes in his Philippine Daily Inquirer column “No Free Lunch” on the irrelevant debate where the Philippines is headed to recession.

The evidence of the country’s economy contracting is already there and further debate would not be beneficial, just plain wasteful. The time calls for actions to be implemented, not further arguments.

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These days are troubling times for business, particularly in India.

India Inc.’s credibility and reputation as a premier business service destination reeks and reels due to numerous cases of frauds and scams. Many of their clients draw back because of this.

The global business environment pressures for enterprises to seek low-cost, high quality measures to perform business actions and transactions but when the world’s top BPO and IT outsourcing center suffers from internal conflicts to whom should they turn to?

And here to answer such a call is the Silver Knight, the Philippines.

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