Members of Cebu’s Business Process Outsourcing and Information Technology (BPO/IT) are going to put their heads in actualizing Cebu’s BPO-IT Roadmap, as a major priority in the upcoming BPO/IT conference this June, touted as Cebu Business Month (CBM 2011).

To held on June 8, 2011, the BPO/IT event “Cebu’s Roadmap for Sustaining Growth in the ICT and BPO,” is a forum, hosted with Tholons and the Cebu Investments and Promotions Center (CIPC), on the recently launched ICT and BPO Roadmap.

As the Philippines has already over taken India especially in the BPO-voice (contact centers) services, Cebu should not be complacent being the Center for Excellence.

Many other cities in the Philippines, and around the world, are working hard to get their share in the multi-billion-dollar and growing BPO/IT industry. Cebu BPO should sustain its attractiveness as the world’s premier outsourcing destination. Other destinations in Southeast Asia are catching up, and can affect Cebu’s position.

Cebu focuses on five critical areas in the sustaining the industry, these are:

• evolve from voice-service and BPO to the high-value, high-yielding Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO);

• formulate a strong BPO and ICT brand for Cebu;

• develop the human resources in Cebu to meet requirements— include the committed and constant development of Cebu’s academe sector;

• build proper infrastructure for improved global connectivity;

• encourage local technology entrepreneurs into BPO and IT related businesses, paving the way for mature Venture Capital market in Cebu.

Part of the event, is the launch of the “Developers Connect” or “DevCon” program with the Ayala Foundation, which gathers the IT professionals and enthusiasts in Cebu to recognize their talents and innovations.

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Link Here.


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